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It was a bit unclear what qualified as a direct hit that would kill the enemy by hitting them on the top and what would qualify as a hit that killed me instead... other than that, a bit tough for a first level (took some tries to get it right and kill enemies).

Other than the difficulties above, I did not encounter any real glitches except if you get a bit too carried away and fly offscreen to the top and right (or perhaps the top and left).

m-skara responds:

thanks for comment and rate, I'm still working hard on it to get better...
I was just curious about testing on different players to see how it works

This game was quite enjoyable... first, allow me to point out a few potential issues with your game.

I found a bug with bonus rounds 3 and 4 (the one with shooting the tin can to ring the bell and Dodge Bomb). The object(s) that I was supposed to shoot would instantly fall and I would get the time out message... my recommendation: pause until the user shoots at least once to get past that title page.

The only other thing that I would note, as far as possible typos, is that you should probably change "Duck Hitted" to "Duck Shot", and "Shot at least x ball(s) in the bowl of the same color" to "Shoot at least x ball(s) into the bowl of the same color".

Not counting that, this is a surprisingly long game, consisting of I believe 42 levels plus six bonus rounds (which makes it 48 levels altogether). That definitely kept me there for quite some time. The only other thing I would note is that the Restart button does allow me to circumnavigate losing a life to some extent if I haven't failed the level yet (I typically used the restart button if I was aware the situation was irrecoverable: I attempted to get every ball into the bowl of its corresponding color, and I did it for pretty much all of the levels.)... though I did get a Game Over once during my playthrough relatively early on.

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