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Somehow the Nine Pixel Game succeeded on my computer, but failed on others. The bug? The boss dies instantly. I don't think I ever got a bug report that the boss dies instantly, and it's only now that I found it out. That's because... it did not occur on the Mac. It occurred on a Windows computer, which I don't regularly use for game development.

I already added a real time how-to-play on request, but now I'm taking out another bug. Plus, me being a PowerPC Mac user, I can now say that my own game runs at 30-60 FPS on my own computer! To me, that tells you that this game, not counting the 10.1 or later version requirement on Flash, is really friendly for those computers that can't handle those really fancy Flash games.

I'm proud to be a Stencyl user... and now I'm working on a much larger scale game. The game is called Kung Fu Furby - The Game, and it's currently in its third Alpha version. As for how quick progress is... well... we all have real life. On my end, I'm really busy, so progress isn't as fast as you'd think. The game plays like a sort-of action RPG, if you think of it...

Nine Pixel Game?

2010-09-05 09:52:07 by KungFuFurby

It's official. I think I'll start off my game collection with the Nine Pixel Game, made with Stencyl. The game is coming soon... ^_^